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Your desert storytellers

Your Desert Storytellers : Habis Al Zalabieh's Journey​

My name is Habis, one of your Wadi Rum desert storytellers. The desert is not only my home but my life’s essence. Born and raised amidst its mesmerizing landscapes, I carry the spirit of the desert in my very being. Some say I even have grains of sand in my pockets at all times, just in case!

From a very young age, I helped my family with tourism, absorbing more sand in my shoes than most people would in a lifetime. That’s why today I only wear flip flops!. Then, in 2018, a vision sparked within me, and I embarked on a magical adventure. I started offering enchanting nights beneath the star-studded desert sky, and since then, I’ve had the honor of welcoming guests who have not only enriched Wadi Rum Stillness but have also shared the wonders of the world with me. Together, we’ve unveiled the enchantment of the desert and created lasting memories.

These world travelers have not only broadened my horizons but also my linguistic skills. Thanks to them, I now speak French, with all its charming nuances and even a few words that are, well, best left unsaid! You see, the French, in their infinite wisdom, decided that adding “ooh la la” to any sentence makes it sound more sophisticated. So now, I can say, “The desert is magnifique, ooh la la!” while I cook up a storm by the campfire.

So, I wholeheartedly invite you to join us. We are eager to unveil the desert’s hidden gems, share a laugh or two with our camel companions, and immerse you in the timeless Bedouin way of life. Just remember, when I say “ooh la la,” it’s my way of saying, “This desert is amazing, and we’re going to have a great time!”

What to Expect with Wadi Rum Stillness:
Your Desert Adventure Awaits

At Wadi Rum Stillness, our core mission is preserving the authenticity of the desert experience. We’re dedicated to sharing our culture, traditions, and insights into the desert and Bedouin life with you.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on offering transparent pricing and exceptional value for money. With us, there are no hidden costs or surprises – our prices are all-inclusive

Here’s what you can expect from a trip with us:

  • Experienced and welcoming guides
  • High-quality tour, exploring most incredible places
  • Tasty bedouin food, freshly prepared and traditional
  • Magical sunsets at the best places to watch
  • Comfortable and clean tents and bed linens
  • Authentic atmosphere far from touristic places
  • Chance to hear bedouin music and dance our traditional dances
  • Best bedouin jokes, be ready to smile and laugh a lot
  • Desert memories to treasure

Meet Your Bedouin Guide: Your Desert Storytellers

Our local Bedouin guides from Rum Village, all of the Al Zalabieh tribe, are true desert natives. They know every nook, cranny, and secret of Wadi Rum, making your experience truly authentic.

They’re not just drivers; they’re passionate guides and desert srorytellers, experts in day and night excursions. Bedouin tradition has them naming mountains to stay on course and using the moon’s glow for night navigation.

Our team’s well-being is our top priority, ensuring they’re at their best. They’re committed to making your stay unforgettable, blending high-quality services with warm Bedouin hospitality. We say, ‘Come as a guest, leave as a friend.’ So, welcome

Efficient Organization at Wadi Rum Stillness​

We focus on delivering high-quality service and quick responses to your inquiries, aiming to reply within 24 hours : contact us! 

Our flexibility allows us to customize your tour based on availability, ensuring your experience is personalized.

We prefer small groups of up to six people during both day and night experiences to maintain the authentic desert spirit. Rarely, we may accommodate 8-10 persons in specific cases.If your group is larger than six, you’ll stay together both day and night.

Our bedouin camp, located deep in the desert, offers a homely atmosphere with only eight tents and a maximum of 20 guests. We prioritize authenticity and limit the number of guests to provide a unique experience even during the high season. Your satisfaction is our primary concern.

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