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What to bring and what to wear in Wadi Rum ?

This article will help for preparing your backpack, you will know exactly what to bring and what to wear in Wadi Rum. Naturally what you will bring depends on the season. If you want to know more about the weather in Wadi Rum, you can check our article regarding this topic.


What to wear in Wadi Rum ?

During the day you will move, walk, climb and maybe hike, so the most important is to feel comfortable. In general and for all seasons we advise to wear long sleeve clothes to protect your body from the sun. Also, it is a way to respect our culture, as women and men cover themselves. But of course if you prefer to wear shorts, short dresses, tank tops… feel free, we are used to that and we respect your choice. Then, concerning the shoes, it is preferable to wear close shoes during the day, as the sand is sometimes very warm and some areas are not compatible with sandals, your feet could be injured. For the night, flip flop are perfect if you want to move in the camp or around, if you need going the bathroom…Lastly, a scarf or a hat is necessary in summer to not get insolation. 

What to bring in Wadi Rum for the night ?

In the camp we provide plugs to charge your devices, but we disconnect the electricity during the night. So if you need charging your devices during the whole night and during the tour we really advise you to take power bank or second battery for your camera.

Please note that we dont provide towels, so don’t forget to bring yours. 

For the night we provide everything you need to sleep well. We provide bed sheets, pillows, thick blankets in case of cold nights and sleeping bag if you sleep under the stars. 

List of what to bring for a trip in Wadi Rum desert

Small backpack

To keep what you need with you during the day

Hiking shoes

If you have a hike included in your tour

Hat / cap / scarf

Something to cover your head especially if you come during summer

Biodegradable paper tissue or wet wipes

To have everything you need to clean your hand, to go to the toilets or other...

Lamp or headlamp

To move in the dark, especially if you sleep under the stars.

Powerbank / Battery

If you want to charge your phone or camera

Moisturizing lip stick

The weather is dry in Wadi Rum, also to protect your lips from the sun.

Warm clothes

In summer as in winter, it is better to take warm clothes with you. The weather is always cold during the night.

Sun cream

To protect yourself from the sun, in summer as in winter.


The sun is very strong, it is more comfortable and important to protect your eyes

First aid kit

Juts in case it is good to have the minimum, as antiseptic, plaster ...


As we do not provide towels, we advise to take yours.

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What to bring and what to wear in Wadi Rum ?