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Trekking tours

Walk walk walk! Trekking tours are the slowest option, but also one of the most traditional ways to explore Wadi Rum. Close to nature, everything seems magical. Stillness, peace and energy. This is also a good opportunity to recharge your batteries and reduce your stress levels. Our local bedouin guide will share his knowledge of the Wadi Rum desert as you make your way. This is a truly memorable experience to immerse yourself in our stunning nature and connect with other travelers in a unique way. 

Choosing a trek is an eco-friendly way to enjoy the area and help protect the environment here, which can be more fragile than it seems. Take care to “leave only footprints” as you go. The walk is suitable for everyone, but be aware that the sand is soft. So, make sure you like walking on it. Wadi Rum Stillness trekking tours include an overnight in our camp or bivouac under the stars, according to your choice. Check here to learn more about our bivouac camping.

If you prefer hikes that will take you up one of the mountains in Wadi Rum, see the offerings on our Jeep and Hike tour page.


Overnight tours

Wadi Rum trekking

Lawrence's tracks

3 days and 2 nights

Cross the desert like our ancestors did! Take your time, live the slow desert, walk, explore, enjoy the silence.

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