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Exploring Wadi Rum: A Closer Look at Our Tours

During classic tours, you will explore the most famous places of Wadi Rum such as arches, bridges, dunes, canyons, and mountains. This is the most frequented part of the desert, but it is also where all the must-see sites are located. This tour is perfect for discovering historical places and getting a wide overview of the desert. At each stop on your trip, you will have time to walk, hike, climb, and explore as you wish.

The desert is becoming more and more frequented by travelers who want to discover Jordan, as it has become a prominent destination. We prefer to be transparent– don’t be surprised to meet other jeeps and people at the various spots, especially during the high seasons of fall and spring. Nevertheless, it does not affect the authenticity of the experience. At night, we drive to our camp or cave, which are far from other camps and tourist spots, so you can feel like the desert belongs to you.

Furthermore, we listen to the wishes of our guests, and that’s why we now offer off-road tours. For those who desire to avoid frequented areas and visit the desert off the beaten track, this option is available.

This one is perfect if you desire to avoid tourist places. In low and high seasons, this part of the desert is not part of the routes that companies propose in Wadi Rum’s protected area. Off-road tours bring a unique atmosphere as we explore the wildest part of Wadi Rum, which is the least frequented and visited area. 

To escape tourists, we will drive you to our secret places off the beaten track. This part of the desert is the most impressive and the most beautiful where we can discover breathtaking landscapes including views, canyons, and mountains. At each stop, you will have time to walk, hike, climb and explore as you wish.

In our opinion, if you can, the best choice is our “Become a Bedouin” tour, which provides a perfect mix of visiting the most famous sites and exploring the desert outside the box.”

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Our guide sitting atop a mountain looking over the vast lanscape.

Our Jeep & Hike tours offer the best of both worlds, allowing you to experience the must-see places found in our classic tours while also venturing off the beaten path to explore the hidden gems of Wadi Rum. What sets these tours apart is our focus on hiking, and all of our hikes take place in one of the wildest and most untouched parts of the desert, located in the southernmost region near the Saudi Arabia border. This remote setting ensures that you will be far from the touristy spots.

We offer hikes of various difficulty levels, catering to both inexperienced and seasoned hikers. This means that everyone, including families with children, can choose our ‘Jeep & Hike’ tours for an unforgettable adventure through the captivating landscapes of Wadi Rum

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