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Jeep tour wadi rum

During classic tours you explore the most famous places of Wadi Rum (arches, bridges, dunes, canyons, mountains…). It’s the most frequented part of the desert but also where all most unmisseable sites are located. This tour is perfect to discover historical places and for a wide overview of the desert. During your trip, at each stop you have time to walk, hike, climb and explore as you wish.

The desert is more and more frequented by travelers who want to discover Jordan, which has become a prominent destination. We prefer to be transparent– don’t be surprised to meet other jeeps and people at the various spots, especially during high seasons of fall and spring. Nevertheless, it does not affect the authenticity of the experience, as at night we drive to our camp or cave. These places are far from other camps and touristic places, where you can feel the desert belongs to yourself.

Also, we listen to the wishes of our guests and that’s why now we also offer off-road tours, for those who desire to avoid frequented areas and visit the desert off-beaten the tracks.

This one is perfect if you desire to avoid touristic places. At low as high seasons, this part of the desert is not part of routes that companies proposed in Wadi Rum protected area.

Off road tours bring unique atmosphere. We explore the wildest part of Wadi Rum, which is furthermore the less frequented and visited area. Escape tourists, we drive you to our secret places, off the beaten tracks, this part of the desert is the most impressive and the most beautiful. Here more than “sites” we discover landscapes (views, canyons, mountains), and believe us they are breathtaking. Again, at each stop you have time to walk, hike, climb and explore as you wish.

In our opinion, if you can, the best choice is our “Become a bedouin” tour, a perfect mix to visit the most famous sites and the desert outside the box.

Off-road tour Wadi Rum Jordan
Our guide sitting atop a mountain looking over the vast lanscape.

Our “Jeep & hike” tours are a combination of visiting the unmisseable places (as in the classic) and  exploring Wadi Rum off beaten the tracks as well, as all our hikes are located in one of the wildest part of the desert (southernmost, close to Saudi Arabia border), far from touristics places.

We have various level of difficulties hikes, from unexperimented to seasoned, everyone can opt for our “jeep & hike” tours, even families with children.

Below you can find the list of our hikes per level :

Trekking tour is the slowest option, but also one of the most traditional ways to explore Wadi Rum. Close to nature, everything seems magic around. Stillnesspeace and energy, this is also a good opportunity to recharge your batteries. The walk is suitable for everyone, but be aware the sand is soft, make sure you like walking on it.

During this excursion you explore the unmissable sites (as in classic jeep tours) and on the way you will discover places that we can’t see by jeep.

For now we only offer 3 days and 2 nights trek, but we can organize personalized tour if you are a group of minimum 4 persons, do not hesitate to contact us to create yours. 

Wadi Rum trekking tour

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