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Our bedouin camp

Our Desert Bedouin Camp: An Authentic Oasis in the Wilderness

Staying at our Bedouin camp offers the best of both worlds – a chance to immerse yourself in Bedouin life and traditions with the comfort of a hotel. It’s also the perfect setting to connect with fellow travelers and create memorable moments of camaraderie.

Located in the heart of the desert, our camp is an oasis of tranquility and exploration after your tour. You can unwind, savor the silence, and even stargaze from the surrounding rocks. The view from the camp is breathtaking, making it an ideal spot to witness stunning sunsets. Depending on the season, you may find trees, flowers, lizards, and roaming camels in the vicinity.

Our new, intimate Bedouin camp stands in stark contrast to mass tourism. With six standard sleeping tents, two family-sized tents, a shared bathroom, a communal tent, and a kitchen where our chef prepares delightful meals, it promises an authentic and homely experiencFe

The Communal Tent at Our Bedouin Camp: A Hub of Social Gathering and Relaxation

At our Bedouin camp, the communal tent serves as the heart of our social gatherings, where we come together to savor delicious dinners and hearty breakfasts. This inviting space provides a warm and comfortable ambiance, ideal for unwinding, relaxing, and forging new friendships. You can kick back, enjoy some leisure time, engage in card games, and bask in the melodious tunes played on the oud by our talented guides. The communal tent is where the magic of our desert experience truly comes to life

Private Sleeping Tents: Your Cozy Retreat in the Desert

Our private sleeping tents offer the perfect setting for a restful night’s sleep. Positioned in the most picturesque part of the Bedouin camp, they grant you a breathtaking view when you open the window.

Within our camp, we offer a total of 8 tents, including six designed for two persons with the flexibility to arrange single beds for a double setup. Additionally, we have two spacious family-sized tents that comfortably accommodate up to 5 adults. Each tent is furnished with cozy beds featuring clean sheets, ensuring a comfortable night’s rest. You’ll also find ample lighting, bedside tables, soft pillows, and warm, thick blankets.

Maintaining your comfort and hygiene is a priority for us, as we meticulously clean our tents and bed linens every day to provide the highest standards of cleanliness.

The Desert Bathroom:
Clean and Convenient Facilities at Our Camp

At our camp, we offer shared bathroom facilities that include toilets, showers, and washbasins, providing you with all the necessary amenities for your comfort. Our commitment to cleanliness ensures that everything is meticulously cleaned daily. Please remember that we do not provide towels, so we recommend bringing your own.

Under the stars near the camp : all facilities accessible

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