Our bedouin camp

Our bedouin camp in the desert

Sleeping in bedouin camp is the best option to discover the bedouin life and traditions with all the comfort of a hotel. It’s also the best way to meet others travelers and to share happy moments of conviviality. 

Our camp is located in the middle of the desert. After the tour, it’s a perfect place to decompress, to enjoy the silence, or to explore. In the night, you can climb on the rocks around to watch the sky probably full of stars. The view from the camp is amazing, it’s a perfect place to watch sunsets. Around, depending the season there are trees and flowers. You could also see some lizards and wild camels.

Lastly, our bedouin camp is new, it’s a small, homelike and authentic camp far away from mass tourism. It is composed of six sleeping bedouin tents, one shared bathrooms, one communal tent and one kitchen where the chef prepares the best meals for you.  

The communal tent of our bedouin camp

The communal tent is where we take the dinner and the breakfast. This is a pleasant area where you can relax, chill, play cards or listen our guides playing oud.

Night in bedouin camp
Wadi Rum bedouin camp bedroom

Our private sleeping tents

Our private sleeping tent is where you spend the night. They are located in in the best part of the bedouin camp to have an amazing view when you open the window.

In total in the camp, we have six tents of two persons, with single bed that we can organize double.

Inside you find comfortable beds with clean sheets and everything you need to spend a good night : light, bedside tables, pillows and thick blankets.

Obviously, we clean our tents and bed linen everyday to provide you the best cleanliness. 

The desert bathroom

In our camp we have shared bathroom. You find all the necessary, toilets, showers and washbasins. Everything is carefully cleans everyday. Please not that we do not provide towels.

wadi rum bedouin camp
wadi rum bedouin camp
wadi rum bedouin camp

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