Our wild camping nights consist to sleep under the stars. This experience gives the opportunity to discover the authentic bedouin life and to sleep under the magic Wadi Rum sky.

We set up a little camp in a beautiful and quiet place in the desert, we prepare a bivouac around a fire and we cook a traditional bedouin meal. (vegetarians people are welcome). We drink tea and live like real bedouins. We talk about culture and other things, we sing traditional songs, we laugh and just enjoy this evening together.

Later in the evening, you can take time to lie back, relax and watch the sky. Maybe you will have the chance to catching sight of the shooting stars. Close your eyes and listen to the peace and the silence of the desert.

The next morning, the sight of sunrise waiting for you. We take the breakfast and a tea before our new day.

Mattresses, warm blankets, and sleeping bags are provided.
Sleep under the stars consists of a back to basics and connection with nature so there are no bathroom facilities.