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Wadi Rum Jeep and hike

Our Wadi Rum Jeep and hike combination tours allow you to experience the desert more fully. It is the best way to visit different areas and atmospheres of Wadi Rum. Your jeep tour consists of visiting a wide variety of the famous desert sites. The hikes are a good opportunity to discover the southern area- the wildest and less frequented parts of Wadi Rum. We offer hikes up Jabal Al-Hash, Jabal Burdah to the rock bridge, and Jabal Umm Ad Dami (Jordan’s highest mountain).  You will have a local bedouin guide who speaks English. All of these combination tours include a minimum of one overnight.  

You can stay at our camp, sleep under the stars near the camp, or try bivouac camping to add to the adventure.

Wadi Rum Jeep and Hike Overnight tours

Vertigo tour

1 day and 1 night 

Wadi Rum Jeep and Hike Jabal Burdah Arch  - Moderate level

Situated about 35 meters above the sand, this is one of the highest arches of the world. Enjoy spectacular 360 views. 

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Rainbow peak

2 days and 1 night

Jeep tour and Hike Jabal Al-Hash - Easy level

Located in the wildest area, it offers panoramic view of all colors of Wadi Rum. Also, fossils, fauna and flora are awaiting you.  

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Our guide sitting atop a mountain looking over the vast lanscape.

Touch the sky

2 days and 1 night

Tour by Jeep and Hike Jabal Umm Ad Dami Moderately Strenuous level

Don't miss the opportunity to hike the highest peak of Jordan : 1,854m, rarely hiked. The view is just incredible!

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