Jeep tours

Jump in the back of our Jeep! The best way to explore Wadi Rum in the bedouin way and to discover a wide variety of the most beautiful places. The walk is suitable for everyone it is mainly to explore the sites as canyons, arches, bridges… We offer day tours and overnight tours in camp or under the stars, according to your choice.

Overnight tours

Taste the bedouin life

1 day and 1 night

This tour takes you to the essentials of Wadi Rum : from the most beautiful spots to an unforgettable night in the middle of the desert.

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Umm Ghadah

Off-road tour

1 day and 1 night

Avoid touristic places and visit Wadi Rum off the beaten tracks! Discover the wildest part of the desert, less frequented areas, far from the village. 

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Wadi Rum jeep tour

The best of Wadi Rum

2 days and 1 night

Unmissable! This is your chance to visit all the best and most famous spots. Don't leave us in the morning, have another day to explore! 

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Become a bedouin

2 days and 2 nights

Welcome to our tribe my friend! Visit the most famous sites the first day and discover our secret places off beaten the tracks the second day. 

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Day tours

Wadi rum excursion

Half day tour

Half day without overnight (4 hours)

Highlight to the best spots! If you don't have the possibility to spend a lot of time in Wadi Rum, this half day tour is the right way to get a glimpse of the landscapes in no time. 

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Sunset day tour

Full day without overnight

Don't miss one of the best sunsets of your life! Spend the day exploring the unmissable spots of Wadi Rum, eating a bedouin lunch and return  once the sun has set. 

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