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Our Range of Overnight Options in the Desert

Choose from three unique overnight experiences: our Bedouin camp, bivouac in our cave, or sleep under the stars near the camp. 

Explore the details of our overnight options across our website, where you’ll find comprehensive information about the choices we offer. Whether you’re interested in camping in a tent at our campsite, sleeping under the open desert sky near our camp, or embarking on a unique adventure by spending the night in our ‘cave,’ our pages provide in-depth insights into each experience. Additionally, we’ve included a diverse selection of photos to help you vividly picture the magic of your desert night adventure

Our bedouin camp

For the greatest comfort, choose a private tent at our camp. Shared bathrooms with toilets and showers are accessible. Enjoy meals in the communal tent.

Sleeping under the stars wadi rum

Our cave for bivouac

For the adventurous spirits, experience a night under the stars in our well-prepared bivouac cave. Enjoy a campfire and freshly cooked dinner on-site.

Night under the stars near the camp

Under the stars near the camp

Whether you're a seasoned camper or a first-timer, our well-equipped bivouacs offer a cozy and secure shelter, ensuring a peaceful night under the stars.