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Enhance your desert adventure with a Camel Ride

Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of Wadi Rum with a camel ride, a traditional and authentic way to explore the desert. Choose between our one-hour and two-hour camel rides and embark on an unforgettable journey through this captivating landscape.

Camels in Wadi Rum are more than just animals; they are the “Ships of the Desert”. These remarkable creatures play a vital role in the lives of the local Bedouin communities. They provide transportation, carry goods, and offer a source of sustenance through their milk and meat. The bond between Bedouins and their camels is deep-rooted, and these animals are central to the desert’s cultural heritage. 

Camel ride

Our option of Camel Rides in detail

1-Hour Camel Ride – 20JOD per person: This shorter ride provides a taste of the desert’s serenity and natural wonders. You’ll be accompanied by an experienced guide as you meander through the stunning scenery of Wadi Rum.

2-Hour Camel Ride – 30JOD per person: For a more in-depth exploration, our two-hour camel ride allows you to venture deeper into the desert’s secrets. In addition you’ll have the opportunity to discover the beautiful landscape, all while under the guidance of a knowledgeable local Bedouin guide.

You have the flexibility to add this option at the beginning or end of any of our tours, enhancing your desert adventure with a unique and traditional touch.

Lastly, each ride offers an intimate experience as you’ll have one camel per person, ensuring a personal connection with the desert surroundings. 

More about camels : Camel races

These races in Wadi Rum are a unique and exhilarating cultural event that offers a glimpse into the traditions and heritage of the local Bedouin communities. These races are an integral part of the desert culture and are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Moreover, they are not just sporting events; they are a cultural celebration. It brings the local community together and offers a window into the enduring traditions of the desert. 

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