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Bivouac in our cave: sleeping under the stars

Bivouac in our cave – sleeping under the stars

Our remote cave, nestled in the heart of the southern desert, offers a unique opportunity to try the bivouac in our cave: sleeping under the stars while immersing yourself in the traditions of the Bedouin way of life. This natural rock shelter provides protection from the elements, including wind, sun, and rain, making it an unforgettable open-air experience.

Please note that this back-to-basics adventure does not provide bathroom facilities, toilets, showers, or washbasins. It’s a seasonally available option, with bivouac experiences unavailable during December and January

What does "bivouac in our cave: sleeping under the stars" look like with us?

At the end of the day, our journey leads us to our cave, where your dedicated guide ensures a comfortable bivouac experience. We provide clean equipment, including mattresses, thick blankets, and freshly washed sleeping bags.

A campfire crackles to life, and a traditional Bedouin dinner is prepared, featuring barbecue, salads, vegetables, rice, potatoes, and more. While you explore, watch the sunset, or relax by the fire, your guide is available throughout the night to share the rich heritage and stories of Bedouin culture passed down through generations. You can also enjoy card games, Bedouin music, and sometimes the company of other Bedouins from our family and friends, making it a memorable and interactive experience.

Under a canopy of a million stars, and if the weather and moon align, you may witness the Milky Way or shooting stars. As the sun rises, you wake up to the breathtaking landscape surrounding you. Sleeping under the stars creates enduring desert memories that last a lifetime.

Sleeping under the stars wadi rum

How do we organize the bivouac site ?

Furthermore, we offer a variety of locations for setting up our bivouac, dependent on your tour program and weather conditions. Our priority is to choose spots far from human installations and electricity, ensuring the finest experience of sleeping under the stars.

We intentionally keep our groups small, with a maximum of six individuals during the day and under the starry night sky. This approach preserves the desert spirit and the intimacy of the stargazing experience. In rare instances, when no other options are available, group sizes may extend to 8 to 10 persons, but this is an exception, and we strive to avoid it. If your group consists of more than six individuals, rest assured that we’ll accommodate your group without splitting it.

For more insights into our overall organization, please visit our dedicated page on this topic

Dinner and Breakfast in the bedouin Cave: A Bedouin Culinary Experience

For dinner, we craft an array of dishes including different salads, rice, potatoes, bread, barbecue, and the traditional zarb, a Bedouin meal cooked in the sand. We accompany these savory treats with bedouin tea, water, soda, and delectable sweets for dessert.

At breakfast, we serve a delightful spread featuring tea, hummus, cheese, vegetables, bread, fruits, and occasionally gallayah bandura, among other options.

We always offer vegetarian choices, and if you have specific dietary requirements, kindly inform us when making your booking.