Bivouac in our cave – sleeping under the stars

Sleeping under the stars wadi rum

Bivouac in our cave: sleeping under the stars

Bivouac in our cave gives you the experience of sleeping under the stars. It is the most authentic way to discover the bedouin life and traditions. 

Our cave is located in the middle of the desert, in the south, far from camps and touristic places. The cave is not an enclosed space. In fact, it is more an overhanging rock that protects from wind, the sun and rain. 

The night under the stars with us is very back to basics: so no bathroom facilities, no toilets, no showers and no washbasins. This is an outdoor experience, in the heart of nature and its laws.This is a seasonally available option.  During the months of December and January we do not offer bivouac.

What does "sleeping under the stars" look like with us?

At the end of the day, we drive until we reach our cave. The guide is dedicated to you the whole night. He prepares your bivouac, with mattresses, thick blankets and sleeping bags (our equipment is clean, and our sleeping bags are washed every day at the dry cleaner) and he starts a campfire. Then he prepares the traditional bedouin dinner (With bedouin barbecue, salads, vegetables, rice, potatoes… and more). Meanwhile you can explore a bit, watch the sunset or relax around the fire

The whole night the guide is available to exchange regarding what you desire to learn about our bedouin culture and heritage through stories that have been passed down for generations… Why not also play cards or hear and dance to bedouin music? Sometimes other bedouins from our family or friends join us to enjoy the night and exchange. 

You will fall asleep under a million stars and if you’re lucky with the weather and the moon, you can be able to contemplate the milky way or see meteors zip by. The next morning you wake up with the sunrise, and you discover the stunning landscape around you. Sleeping under the stars makes special desert memories for life…

Sleeping under the stars wadi rum
Bivouac in our cave wadi rum

How do we organize the bivouac site ?

In addition, we have a couple of other locations where we can set up our bivouac. The place where we organize the bivouac depends on your tour program and on the weather. But of course, we always opt for spots far from human installations and electricity to provide the best the experience of sleeping under the stars.

We constitute groups of maximum six persons during the day, likewise during the night under the stars/bivouac. So it will be only small groups to keep the spirit of the desert and the experience of sleeping under the stars. Rarely, if we have no other possibilities, groups could be expanded until 8 to 10 persons. However, it is a specific case, and we manage as best as we can avoid it. If you are a group of more than six persons, of course you are welcome. We won’t separate your group.

If you want to know more about our global organization, you can consult our page dedicated to this topic.

Dinner and breakfast in the cave

For the dinner we prepare different types of salads, rice, potatoes, bread, barbecue and zarb (traditional bedouin meal cooked in the sand). We serve bedouin tea, water, soda and some sweets for the dessert.

For the breakfast we serve tea, hummus, cheese, vegetables, bread, fruits, sometimes gallayah bandura and more.

Vegetarian options are always available. If you have dietary requirements you can let us know in your booking.

Dinner under the stars wadi rum