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Wadi Rum Stillness: Habis Al Zalabieh story

My name is Habis and the desert is my home. It’s a place where I was born, grew up and represents all aspects of my life. So, basically we could say I have the desert in my blood. 

I’ve been working in tourism since childhood, I was 17 years old when I started.  For several years I helped my brother as a bivouac guide showing many travelers from around the world our beloved Wadi Rum. 

In 2018, I decided to create my own experience. I started by offering nights under the stars only. Since then I have had the chance to welcome guests who helped me to grow and develop Wadi Rum Stillness. Beginning in 2020, I have been able to propose a new option to our guests, the night in the camp, keeping the authentic spirit and bedouin traditions.

If I had to tell something special about myself, I would say that I love to cook, especially kabsah or gallayeh bandura. You could find me every night around the fire cooking in the middle of the desert. 

I encourage you to join us and we will gladly show you all the beautiful places in the desert, focusing on sharing with you how to live and breathe like a bedouin. 

Our daily life is completely different from what you are used to. We live as nomads, connected with nature and its laws. So join us and with my team we will help you to discover the desert by the authentic way. 

Wadi Rum Stillness team

Our guides are local bedouins from Rum Village. All are from my family and belong to Al Zalabieh tribe. They all born in the desert and know every corner and secrets of Wadi Rum.

Our team is not only drivers. These are real guides who share their knowledge and info about the desert the best with you. They are the experts for driving you during day and night. Did you know that bedouins have given names to each of the mountains? It is the way they never get lost. To drive in the night, they help themselves with the moon which illuminates the mountains.

Above all, I give huge importance to my team, to their body and mental health. I make sure they are happy and fine.

All will give their very best to make your stay with us the most unforgettable of your life. They offer a high-quality experience, not only in the services provided but on the human side as well. We used to say, “Come as a guest, leave as a friend.” This is also part of the bedouin hospitality. So, welcome my friend!


Having bedouin tea with the guides in the desert.

Our organization

We give our best to provide high-quality organization. We reply to your enquiries within 24 hours, and answer to all your requests as far as possible.

First of all, we are 100% flexible about the timing, the organization, cancelation and more. We offer the possibility to completely personalize your tour, according to availability. Just contact us, and we will program the most valuable experience together.

Then, concerning the organization of our tours, we constitute groups of a maximum six persons during the day, likewise during the night under the stars/bivouac. We prefer small groups only to keep the spirit of the desert and the experience of sleeping under the stars. Rarely, if we have no other possibilities, groups could expand up to 8 – 10 persons. However, it would be a specific case, and we try as best as we can to avoid it.

If you are a group of more than six persons, of course you are welcome. We wouldn’t split your group. You can stay together day and night. 

Our camp is a homelike place, located deep in the desert, far from all touristic installations. We propose only eight tents and we can welcome a maximum of 20 persons.

In general, we are committed not to host too many people at the same time in order to offer a real authentic and unique experience to our guests, even during the high season. That’s our main goal; it is the root of Wadi Rum Stillness. In conclusion, your satisfaction is our principal preoccupation.

What to expect with us ?

The root of Wadi Rum Stillness is to preserve the authenticity of the desert experience. We dedicate our time to you. We share with you our culture, traditions and everything which is important to know about the desert and the bedouin life.

Moreover, we offer honest prices and the best value for money, with high-quality services. With us, no unpleasant surprises, our prices are all-inclusive:

Here’s what you can expect from a trip with us:

  • Experienced and welcoming guides
  • High-quality tour, exploring most incredible places
  • Tasty bedouin food, freshly prepared and traditional
  • Magical sunsets at the best places to watch
  • Comfortable and clean tents and bed linens
  • Authentic atmosphere far from touristic places
  • Get immersed in our bedouin culture 
  • Chance to hear bedouin music and dance our traditional dances
  • Best bedouin jokes, be ready to smile and laugh a lot
  • Desert memories to treasure
Tour group on mountain top

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