Wadi Rum Stillness

- Your authentic Bedouin Experience -

A visit to the Wadi Rum desert should be the most amazing experience you have in Jordan. Inhabited for centuries and made famous by films like Lawrence of ArabiaThe Martian, and most recently, Dune, you can’t appreciate the vastness and scale without visiting it yourself. Not only is the landscape awe-inspiring, but you have the chance to become immersed in the bedouin ways.  There is so much to do here, from jeep tours to camel rides, sandboarding, mountain hiking and trekking, sleeping under the stars or bivouac camping.  Experience the bedouin specialty dishes and enjoy the evening activities in the camp. Many people who visit Jordan are surprised to find that exploring the Wadi Rum desert was their favorite part of the trip and we aspire to give this feeling to all of our guests at Wadi Rum Stillness. These are memories that will stay with you and call you to return.

Tours and Overnight Options

people in the 4x4 for the wadi rum desert tour - mountains in the background

Wadi Rum Jeep Tours

Our jeep tours take you to unmissable places and lesser-known parts of the desert. The local bedouin guides will tell you about the sites and make sure you have an unforgettable time exploring Wadi Rum.

Having bedouin tea with the guide in the desert

Wadi Rum Jeep and Hike Tours

Combination tours allow you to see the desert by jeep as well as do mountain hiking and scrambling. Do the best hikes in Wadi Rum at Jabal Al-Hash, Jabal Burdah with the famous rock bridge and Jabal Umm Ad Dami.

camels drinking at Lawrence's Spring in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Camel Rides

The most traditional way to see Wadi Rum is on "the ships of the desert". Get close to nature, enjoy the peace and stillness of the desert and reduce your stress levels. We offer one or two hour rides which can be at the beginning or the end of your tour.

guests at dinner inside the communal tent at our camp

Our bedouin camp

For the greatest comfort, choose a private tent at our camp. Shared bathroom with toilets and showers are available. Meals are in the communal tent.

Sleeping under the stars wadi rum

Our cave for bivouac

For the adventurers, sleep outside in a bivouac camp that we prepare for you ith all the necessities for sleep. Enjoy the campfire and dinner cooked on the spot.

Night under the stars near the camp

Under the stars near the camp

Enjoy sleeping under the stars with camp amenities nearby. We provide the bivouac. Dinner is enjoyed in the communal tent and bathroom access is close by.

A couple watching the sun set over the distant mountains of wadi rum
The reality of the Wadi Rum sunsets is more beautiful than any photograph...

Guest reviews

We had the most amazing time staying with Habis and his team. After searching 100s of reviews, we reached out to a few different campsites and tour operators. Habis stood out straight away, clear on what he offered, shared options for personalising and passionate about Wadi Rum. From the pick up to the drop off (2 days, 2 nights) we couldn't have asked for anything more from the experience. Exactly what we hoped for and more besides. Everyone we met during our time with Habis were welcoming, friendly, happy to be able to share their amazing culture and history, with lots of humour and curiosity about others. Felt like we spent a few days with friends, and the scenery made it feel like we had visited another world! We couldnt be more grateful for the experience and professionalism. If you are reading this review and still havent made your decision about which operator to go with - then stop your search, book with Habis and know that you won't regret it!
Kim F.
May 28, 2022
Simply the best(est) experience of my life. Habis and the team managed to arrange a well-organized, two-day immersion to the "true stillness" of Wadi Rum. The highlight of the experience to me, however, is the meals: surely the best sajjia, galayeh, and zarb are the ones cooked and enjoyed in the middle of the desert! I might come back to Wadi Rum again in the future just for those hearty meals.
Yosaka P.
May 04, 2022
Everything was perfect. The guide, the jeep tours, the camel rides, the food, the tent and bathrooms. Wadi Rum was amazing but it was our guides and their knowledge which made it an unforgettable experience. Amazing from beginning to end. We got to experience the full beduin life, there was not one thing that wasn't amazing.
Ivana X.
May 23, 2022